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Arts campaign asks Peter Capaldi to get into Possilpark phone booth

Arts campaign asks Peter Capaldi to get into Possilpark phone booth

Possilpark wants Peter Capaldi back.

Long before his time-travelling days or his political PR portrayal in The Thick of It, Peter Capaldi lived in Possil.

Local arts organisation Depot Arts now wants to bring the twelfth doctor to town again to transform a Saracen Street phone booth.

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Misused phone booth

Depot Arts think Possil's famous son can inspire local young people into making the most of their talents and abilities.

Although once a prosperous industrial area, home to the Saracen foundry, Possilpark has become one of the most deprived patches of Scotland, leaving its young people vulnerable to negative influences such as substance abuse and crime.

"We'd been thinking of restoring the phone box on Saracen Street for a while," said John Lowis, music development coordinator at Depot Arts.

"The phone box gets used for things it shouldn't get used for. There's a lot of social problems in the area - drug abuse, alcoholism, unemployment. All the ills.

"We wanted to reclaim it. We wanted to, rather than rant about what people shouldn't be doing in it, just draw people's attention to it."

  (Louie Depot Arts)
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Depot Arts originally wanted to create some guerilla artwork on the phone box, painting it a bright colour to get people asking questions, but when a documentary film project on Possilpark's famous offspring brought the doctor into the spotlight the ideal use for the phone box was found.

Time to campaign for Peter to come back to a makeshift Possil TARDIS.

Saracen Street TARDIS

Depot Arts have launched a petition, requesting that people click their support for the campaign.

"I don't know how successful we'll be getting him to come back," said John.

"But we'll be doing up the phone box regardless. There's a lot of places we want to make look better and more accessible in the area."

  (Louie Depot Arts)
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Good at nothing?

"Inspiring young people here is really important. Not just in Possil, but I've seen it with lots of people I've worked with in Drumchapel, Easterhouse, the Gorbals," said John.

"I don't think they are as confident as young people in other parts of the country, or other parts of the world.

"Ask a kid in Possil what they are good at. They'll tell you they are good at nothing."

"It's as if there's some safety net by not being intelligent, not being clever, not good at anything - or at least appearing to not care."

Confidence and creativity

Depot Arts tries to instil confidence in North Glasgow's young people, making them aware of access routes into the creative industries and piquing their interest in the arts.

By engaging young people with music, drama and art at an early age the project aim to nurture potential talent, inspire future careers and distract young people from negative societal influences.

"When the kids can see someone as successful as Capaldi come from Possil, they see it as an inspiration," said John.

"Lots of Possil kids can watch him on the TV and aspire to be as successful."

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The Imaginarium of Dr Capaldi

The online campaign to bring Peter back to Possil runs alongside a Depot Arts and somewhereto_ project at the Imaginarium.

Aiming to inspire young people and encourage the resurrection of North Glasgow's disused spaces, somewhereto_ are opening up The Imaginarium to use as a creative, productive space.

Working with young people at Depot Arts and the Concrete Garden, somewhereto_ will encourage community arts projects and organise regular folk music sessions, craft, cookery, street art and garden workshops among other activities.

Free launch event

On Saturday February 1, The Imaginarium will launch with a free event for 16-25-year-olds featuring live music and art, where they can chat about what they might like to do with the space.

somewhereto_ will provide mentoring for North Glasgow young people and the project will have managers in The Imaginarium from 10am every Monday after February 3 if young people want to visit and discuss ideas.

"We're so fortunate that there are so many kind people," said John.

"We have a small budget at Depot Arts so I've been begging and borrowing everywhere for equipment.

"We were just gifted an IMAC by Napier University, my friend Dave Hook lectures there and said they'd love to donate.

"It's nice when you realise how many good people there are in the world, how kind people can be."

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